Bulls Don’t Hit a Home-Run But Maybe a Single

Can D.J Augustin help the Bulls to a Playoff Seed?

After being released from Toronto, D.J Augustin was picked up by the shorthanded Chicago Bulls. Augustin seems to be jelling well with his new teammates. The 5th year point guard out of Texas is averaging 10.4 pts and 6.3 ast since joining the Bulls earlier this month, which is above his season and career averages. Although Augustin is playing up to par, Bulls fans shouldn’t get used to him, as he is merely a point guard rental. There’s no way Augustin stays on the roster when Derrick Rose comes back, hence he wouldn’t be able to beat out a healthy Kirk Hinrich or young project with potential in Marcus Teague. Augustin also wouldn’t be able to play simultaneously with Rose, as the Bulls need to find a way to minimize Rose’s workload by adding another play-maker to their backcourt. Derrick Rose has been quoted by saying, if it’s the right situation I’d be interested in playing in the playoffs. With hopes of keeping playoffs aspirations alive, many feel as though the Bulls should have gone after a scorer to be of aid their scoring apparatus. At best, the letter grade the Chicago Bulls would receive for picking up D.J Augustin is a C. They didn’t hit a home-run but maybe a single.

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